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Welcome to Bharat Exports
Bharat Exports is in the business of manufacturing, purchasing and selling of high quality gemstones, colored gemstone beads , for various Markets.
We deal in precious and semi-precious stones. Stones categorizes into beads, cut stones, fancy shapes beads, covers beads, calibrated stone, roundel , concave cut, free size cabochons, facetted cabs , nuggets(tumble) gemstones, different kind of beads , minerals and carvings etc. We supply gemstones in all shapes and sizes as per demand .
Note :- We do not deal in synthetics all the gemstones we sell are natural.
What Our Client Says ?
elyktra eismann-- Absolutely beautiful. Fine quality, excellent craftsmanship, and promptly received.
Aventura,, US

Belinda Lee-- Excellent customer support. Beautiful stones. Definitely will be back for more.

Ramona DesJarlais-- After each shipment is received Ill come back to the site and see what else I can buy! Amazing quality. Value for money.
Rapid City,, US

Mary Ann Henderson-- Bharatexports is a Great find. The quality and Beauty of your Gemstone Beads is truly Magnificent and inspiring. I look forward to Purchasing Again! Many Thanks
Atlanta,, US

Katie Traughber-- WOW! I am thrilled with the gemstones I purchased. They were shipped promptly, I received them from India in about a week. The fire, facets, color all wonderful. I will be ordering again soon!
Longview,, US

Judy Porter-- Loved all the products that I ordered. All my friends liked them also. Thanks for your speedy shipping.
Vale,, UK

Belinda Lee-- Excellent customer support. Beautiful stones. Definitely will be back for more.

veronique landis-- i love your product the gems are incredible i have refered you to my freind because your site is the amazing the quality superior thank you
waipahu, US

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All the stones are genuine and hand cut by skilled artisans. Bharat Exports,offers a very extensive range/variety of shapes,sizes and colours in the precious & semi precious stones. We have an extensive collection of exclusive gem stone beads, briolettes and fancy shapes in precious and semi precious gem stone. It also manufactures beads on special order with its full dedication and cooperation and will continue to provide it in future also.
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